Tips That Can Make Your Home Or Business Roofing Project Much Easier

Climbing up on top of your house or your company building and performing work on the roof is not for the faint of heart. While doing your own roof repairs or installation can save you some money, you need to know going in that you will have your work cut out for you. Roofing is hard labor, especially if you are stripping away old materials or hammering down new shingles. If you'd like to give your project the best chance of success, there are a few items that you should make sure you have on hand.

The Right Safety Equipment

If you are going up on the roof by yourself, you need to make sure you are protected in the event of an emergency. One bad step and you could be in trouble. Your local home improvement store most likely sells the equipment you need. At the very least, consider getting a hard hat, goggles and heavy duty boots. You may also want to consider a safety harness to protect in case of a fall and a ladder stabilizer to help you as you climb up and down.

A "Spade" for Stripping

If you are going to be removing your old shingles prior to putting down new ones, (which you should be, if you want to keep the warranty intact), you will need a tool to remove these shingles from the roof. Some homeowners may just start wailing away with a hammer or prying with any number of random objects. But for best results, look at your local store for a tool called the roofer's spade. This specially designed tool will give you maximum leverage as you attempt to pull off the old shingles.

A Place for Your Garbage

One problem that pops up for rookie roofers that they don't think about until it actually happens is what to do with all of the materials that are being stripped off. You can't just carry it all down the ladder with you, and dumping it all onto your driveway could cause damage. If you're climbing on top of your office building, you could easily hurt the employees below if materials fall down all helter-skelter. That's why one of the best "tools" for a roofing job is actually something that you will keep down below: a dumpster. Plenty of companies offer haul-away dumpster rentals. These can be positioned right under the roof so you can drop old shingles down without risk of hurting the driveway or surrounding pavement. Then just call the haulaway company when you're done and they'll come and collect it.

Deciding to take on your own roofing project can save you some money, but make sure you are prepared before you begin. Purchase appropriate safety equipment and tools for the job and don't forget a dumpster or some kind of container to store all of that debris in. If after researching the job, this sounds like too much work, contact a residential or commercial roofing contractor like Central States Roofing for assistance.