Choosing A Commercial Roofing Material That Can Stand Up To The Test Of Time

Replacing or repairing your commercial roof on a frequent basis can be an expensive venture, as well as proving quite inconvenient for both you and those who frequent your commercial property. This can be especially problematic for retail businesses, since their success relies on their customers being able to visit their shop as often as possible. This is why it is so important for business owners, such as yourself, to choose a commercial roofing material that will be able to stand up to the test of time. Below you will learn more about some of the longest lasting materials the market currently has to offer.

Option #1: Rubber Roofing Membranes

Rubber roofs are one of the most beneficial options available to commercial property owners. This is because rubber roofs offer affordable upfront costs, very low maintenance requirements, and extremely high durability levels. These roofing membranes will essentially surround your entire roofing surface and create an airtight and waterproof seal that is virtually impenetrable. Consequently, the frequency with which these roofs require repair is quite minimal. To make things even better, you will find that most rubber roofs have the ability to last upwards of 40 years without being replaced.

Option #2: Green Roof (Living Roof)

Green roofs, also known as living roofs, offer several very unique benefits in addition to their longevity. For instance, green roofing systems will allow you to counteract the urban heat island effect. Consequently, these roofing systems are particularly ideal for commercial properties that are located in dense urban areas.

Green roofing systems can also offer additional insulation for your building, an edible food supply, and the ability to market your business directly to the environmentally conscious community. Add to this the ability to last as long as 50 years, and it is quite easy to see why green roofing systems are growing in popularity.

In Conclusion

There are many different options to choose from when selecting a commercial roofing material. While the options outlined above will prove quite beneficial for many business owners, they may not be right for everyone. If you find that neither of these options will work for you, do not give up your search for the perfect roofing solution. Instead, simply contact a reputable commercial roofing contractor in your area, such as Bob Behrends Roofing & Gutters LLC, to schedule an onsite consultation. This consultation will be the perfect opportunity to discuss all of the durable roofing materials that you have to choose from.