3 Ways You Can Protect Your Roof In A Wind Storm

A wind storm can take over your home in a few moments' time, and leave you with a lot of repairs as a result. Learn 3 ways you can protect your home, so the next time a nasty storm comes your way, you can worry less.

Invest in securing your shingles or metal roofing panels

The best way to help protect your home against a wind storm is to make sure your roof is secure. Check your shingles or metal roofing panels to make sure nothing is hanging or loose. A single wind burst can lift an entire roof panel in seconds and cause a lot of damage to your home. A roofer can help replace or secure your current shingles for around $15 per square foot, and can inspect your metal panels to make sure they have been installed properly. Things you should watch out for as red flags indicating you need roof repair include:

  • rattling metal panels
  • exposed or raised nails
  • leaking in your basement
  • loose shingles

Trim your large trees

Any trees that hang near or over your roof can become quick projectiles or dangerous falling objects in a single large storm. All you need is one branch slamming down on your roof or garage to cost you lots of money in repairs. Some trees are more damaging in even a simple storm, such as walnut trees dropping heavy walnuts onto your home and causing ample dents over time. If you don't want your trees to damage your home (or your neighbor's) in the event of a wind storm, trim your trees back to where they are close to the trunk, and keep their height from swaying high above your house.

Break out the binoculars

A great way to inspect your roof for security is by getting a great pair of binoculars and inspecting every inch from afar. You need to inspect the edge line of your shingles and the pitch of your roof if you have a metal roof. Look for cracks or spaces in your roofing material, pooled water, and other signs that your roof may be in danger from tiniest gust of wind. A sagging roof is a sign as well that your roof needs stronger attention, and is a great indicator that your home has experienced water damage in the past. If you notice anything amiss when you give your home a once-over with a pair of binoculars, cover your roof with a tarp and call a roofer right away to address your issues.

A wind storm can cause a lot of damage to your home, but if you take certain precautions to protect your roof and know what weak spots to look for, you can help keep your roof safe and secure even as the wind blows. Contact a roof repair company like Allen Roofing & Construction Inc if you have any problems.