Storm Damage to the Roof? 3 Reasons to Hire a Roofing Company

The weather can wreak havoc on a home and its roof. Whether it's because of a hurricane, snow storm, or a severe thunderstorm, strong wind and precipitation can cause major damage. In the last five years, wind and hail damage accounted for nearly 40 percent of all insured losses.

Fixing a roof after a storm can be difficult for many reasons. Even with insurance, it can be expensive. If multiple homes were affected, there can be a wait to get a roof fixed by a reputable roofing company. Some homeowners are tempted to take repair into their own hands but this can be a big mistake! Here are three reasons to hire a roofing company.

It's Faster

A roofing company can repair or replace a roof far faster than a homeowner can. These companies have the necessary tools and workers to get the job done quickly. The average time it takes for a professional crew to replace or repair a roof is usually less than a week and can take as little as 1 or 2 days. Of course the time it takes is highly dependent on the size of the roof, what type of roof, the amount of repair needed, and the current weather conditions. Homeowners who end up attempting to repair their own roofs can end up taking far more time than the professionals.

It Can Be Less Expensive

While repairing or replacing a roof as a do-it-yourself project may save money, it only saves money if it's done right. There are very few homeowners who have the skills necessary to repair a roof or replace it properly. Fixing an improperly done roof can end up costing more in the long run than having the job done by a roofing company in the first place. The average cost for professional roof repair is between $316 and $1,061. The cost to install a new roof is between $4,690 and $9,034.

It's Far Safer

Roof repair and replacement can be dangerous. Each year more than 90,000 people end up receiving emergency room care because of ladder related incidents. A roofing company has the equipment necessary to keep their workers safe. Roofs can be particularly dangerous after being damaged from a storm. Roofing companies have trained workers who can safely navigate a storm damaged roof. Homeowners who do not have this training or safety equipment should seriously consider hiring a roofing company to fix their roof after a storm.

In most cases it's better to leave the work to the professionals. Start contacting companies like The Carroll County Roofing Company LLC to start collecting quotes.