Safety Tips for Maintenance and Repairs Around Your Home After a Storm

After a storm has come through your area, you will have a lot of repairs to do. The chores that need to be done include cleaning up water, checking the roof, and inspecting for leaks and other damage around the exterior of your home. When doing the maintenance after a storm, you also want to ensure your safety. Here are some tips to help you stay safe while inspecting around your home for damage and doing small repairs.

1. Beware of the Dangers of Ladders and Common Accidents

Storms commonly do damage to roofs. You will need to get on your roof or a ladder to inspect the damage and see whether you need repairs. Ladders are also one of the most common causes of injuries with people doing home repairs. Make sure you are using your ladder correctly when getting on your roof or doing other repairs. When using an extension ladder, make sure the ladder extends above the roof and that it is firmly placed at a proper angle. You should not use a step ladder to reach the higher places, and when using a step ladder, make sure to use it correctly.

2. Stay Clear of Utilities and Live Electrical Cables That Can Be a Hazard

Utilities can be another problem when you have storm damage. The issues may be with things like gas lines, water lines, and electrical cables. Electrical lines are one of the biggest hazards because of the current they carry. Stay away from electrical lines that may have fallen on your roof. In addition, if you get on your roof, do not touch anything that is in contact with electrical wires, including tree branches. The moisture can carry a current and shock you.

3. Use Proper Protection When Cleaning Up Floodwaters That Can Be a Hazard

Floodwaters are often a hazard that get overlooked when cleaning up storm damage. The problem is that water from storm drains can also carry sewage and other nasty contaminants. When you do cleaning of floodwaters, make sure you wear proper protection and avoid contact with the water. Rubber boots or waders and gloves are essential when cleaning up the mess around your home.

After a storm, your safety is important, and you want to use care when doing repairs. You can contact a professional roofing contractor such as National Roofing Of Collier Inc to help with some of the repairs that may be too dangerous for you to handle on your own.