Finding Leaks On Roofing And Siding Exteriors

There are some places of the exterior of your home that are prone to leaks that cause water damage and structural problems. When there may be a leak, you want to look at the roofing first, but the siding can also be a place where water is getting in and causing damage to your home. Here are some tips to help you find the source of leaks on a roof or the exterior siding of your home:

1. Roof Leaks That Can Be Difficult to See and Easy to Fix

The roof of your home is usually the culprit for leaks and water damage. The leaks on a roof are often hard to see because of small problems like a tear in a shingle or nail puncturing the roof. You will want to look for any signs of the shingles being lifted by a nail. Spraying water on the roof and looking for the place where water is getting in is another way to find leaks that are not visible. In addition, look for any damaged shingles and replace them, even if they are not currently causing leaks.

2. Areas of Sidings with Cracks That Allow Water to Get In

Siding finishes are an attractive and durable finish for your home, but they are also a material that will leak if proper maintenance is not done. When there is a problem with leaks around siding, you will want to look for worn caulking around trim and corner boards. Also, look at areas that are more exposed to the weather and make sure that all the joints are sealed with a bead of caulk to keep the water out.

3. Windows and Doors That Need Maintenance to Stop Leaks

In addition to roofing and siding, windows and doors are also a cause of leaks in homes. There are several places where leaks start around windows. An obvious sign of a problem with windows is where wind-blown rain gets in due to worn weather stripping. The exterior of windows also needs to be sealed with caulking to keep water out. In addition, check the drip edge above openings to make sure that it is keeping the inside of your home dry.

Finding the leaks on the exterior of your home is only part of the battle to stopping water damage. If you need help with repairs, contact a roofing and siding contractor like Buffalo Roofing to get help with these repairs and finding the source of the leaks.