Little House On The Pacific: Building The Perfect Little Beach House

Real estate space on a beach is some of the most expensive that you can find anywhere. When it comes to building a beach house, your lot may be much smaller than you anticipated or desired. Regardless of how small the lot space is, you can still build a house that will allow you to enjoy the beach. If you want to build the cutest little beach house around, you should consider how to design the exterior of your little home. Here are some features to choose for your tiny beach house. 

Choose rock siding

Rock siding is a pretty detour from the usual vinyl siding. Rock siding on a beach home will only be sanded smooth by the blowing of the sand. Selecting wide rock siding will make your beach home look upscale while native to being near the water. A neutral color gray rock siding will allow you to add coloring to your home as you please while matching the exterior walls of the house. Imitation rock siding that is cheaper can also work, as long as you keep it clean from sand build up.  Talk to a professional like Versatile  Roofing for assistance.

Go with a shingled roof

When it comes to roofs for a beach house, the biggest element that you have to worry about is the water. Water on a metal roof can cause rust, which will lead to big issues later on. One of the best roofs to go with is a shingled roof. Be sure that your roofer will fit you with the right shingles so that the extra wind does not blow off or remove shingles. If you are having a shingled roof on your beach house, be sure to pick a roof with weighted shingles. This way the wind that tends to blow hard near the water will not have a major affect on the roof. 

Be sure to lift the pavement

If you plan to have a porch and sidewalk on your beach home, be sure that they are lifted above ground level. Depending on how close you are to the beach, it is common for sand to blow up to your home. If you have a sand level sidewalk and a low porch, these can become covered with sand when the wind blows. To make sure that your home's sidewalk is accessible, be sure that the paved porch and the porch sit up high.