Repairs To Get You By Until You Can Afford To Have The Roof Replaced On Your Home

When your roof has been damaged or is so old it needs to be replaced, it can be costly to have it repaired. Doing some of the repairs yourself can be a great way to reduce maintenance costs. Some of the roof problems you may have can be very easy to fix. Here is everything you need to know about doing your own roof repairs:

 Safety First

Roofs are very dangerous because they are high and the elevation make falling a hazard. The ladder you use to get on the roof is also dangerous. Make sure that you use extension ladders correctly when getting on your roof. It is also important to use a harness and fall protection to reduce the risk of injury if you do fall.

Finding the Problems That Are Causing Your Troubles

Before you begin with your repairs, you will want to find out exactly where the damage is. If it is a small leak, wet the roof to identify the location of any leaks. Storms can also cause problems that are hard to see. Look at your shingles for any signs of tear and wear. Replace any shingles that have obvious damage to prevent leaks and further damage to your home.

Removing Old Shingles

The old shingles on your home will need to be removed with a hammer and flat bar. Use the flat bar to break the seal and slide under the shingles to find nails. Tap on the end of the bar to get nails to come up and pull them out with the hammer. Once the nails are removed, work the shingle back and forth the slide it out of its place.

Putting the New Shingles in Place and Nailing Them Correctly

The new shingles will need to be sled into the empty space of the old shingles. If you had to remove several shingles in an area, start with one side and work your way to the other; lining the new shingles up with the old roof. Place nails just above the tape line where they are hidden beneath the tabs of the shingles above them.

These are some of the things that you will want to know about for doing your own roof repairs. Some of the smaller repairs are easy to do on your own, but you will still want to contact a roofing contractor to help with larger tasks like roof replacement.