Re-Roofing Miracles: How To Fix Roofing Nightmares

Getting your roof replaced is expensive enough without finding out that the contractor you hired was sub-par. When the first contractor makes a sheer mess of your roof such that you have to re-roof the whole house, it might be smart to avoid re-hiring that contractor to fix his/her disaster. Instead, hire an experienced and well-respected contractor for a re-roofing job. Here is what the re-roofing contractor can do for you.

Assess the Bad Roofing Job

Like everything else in life, there are several degrees of "bad." The bad roofing job you have may not be as bad as you think. Conversely, it could be much worse. The first thing your re-roofing contractor will do is assess the job and give you an evaluation of just how bad it is.

Fix the Bad Roofing Job

If you are really lucky, the bad roofing job may be fixable without having to replace the roof all over again. Some shingles or other materials may just need to be adjusted, adhered better, sealed or insulated better, etc. This may mean some little tweaks and fixes to the bad roofing job that will make it an excellent roof (i.e., the kind of roof you expected in the first place).

Replace the Worst Sections

There may be some decently done parts of your roof along with some horrible sections. If that is the case, your re-roofing contractor can just replace the bad sections (unless you have a metal roof installed, in which case see the next section below). His/her crew can rip off the poorly done sections of the roof and work to complete them the correct way.

Replacing the Roof All over Again

This is your worst case scenario of a bad roofing job. If your roof is this much of a nightmare, the first contractor and his/her crew clearly did not know what they were doing and your house is in danger of being totally ruined from faults in the bad roof. Thankfully, this happens very rarely. If it has happened to you, the new contractor will completely replace the roof to fix the problem. Your insurance may cover this, but usually homeowners under these circumstances have to file a lawsuit against the offending party to recoup the losses. In the meantime, you may need to pay the new re-roofing contractor out of your own pocket until your lawsuit is settled and you have received the settlement check.

For more information and options, talk with a professional and experienced roofing company, such as Independent Roofing Inc.