Replace Damaged Asphalt Shingles and Clean the Inside of Your Home's Gutter System

If water has pooled onto your home's rooftop because the gutter system next to it is clogged with leaves and a few asphalt shingles have become damaged as a result, replace them by completing the steps below. After making the repair, clean the inside of the gutter system and keep it maintained to prevent damage from occurring.


  • ladder
  • nail removing tool
  • metal pry bar
  • stiff-bristled scrub brush
  • garden sprayer
  • soapy water
  • water hose
  • asphalt shingles
  • roofing cement
  • foam brush
  • nail gun
  • handheld rake

​Remove Damaged Shingles and Adhesive

Set up a ladder next to your home. Use a nail removing tool to loosen and remove the nails that are holding the damaged shingles in place. Insert the edge of a pry bar underneath the edges of the shingles to loosen them from the rooftop. Add detergent that has been mixed with water to a garden sprayer's tank.

Spray the hardened roofing cement that remains where the damaged shingles were once installed with the soapy solution. Move a stiff-bristled scrub brush over the areas that have been sprayed with the cleaning agent to further loosen the dried cement. Rinse the roof's surface off with a water hose. Wait for the areas that were cleaned to dry thoroughly. 

Secure Replacement Shingles to the Rooftop 

Use a foam brush to apply a coat of roofing cement to the backside of each replacement shingle. Line up shingles evenly with the other ones on the rooftop. Press the new shingles firmly against the rooftop for a couple minutes. Use a nail gun to install nails in the corners of the new shingles. Wait plenty of time for the roofing cement to dry.

Clean the Gutter System's Interior

Use a handheld rake to gather clumps of leaves or twigs that are stuck inside of portions of the gutter system. Eliminate hardened substances in each gutter section by spraying them with soapy water and moving a scrub brush swiftly back and forth over them. Rinse the interior gutter pieces off with a strong stream of water. Spray water through the top opening of the downspout to loosen hardened substances that are stuck inside of it.

Periodically inspect and clean out the gutter system to prevent blockages which could lead to water accumulating on roofing materials again. Occasionally remove large limbs or pieces of debris that fall onto the rooftop to further prevent damage to any of the shingles. For more assistance, talk to a roofing company like Regency Roofing.