Winter Weather And The Damage That It Causes To The Roofs Of Homes

The winter storms that have come through this year have caused a lot of damage to homes. This damage is often on the roofs of homes, due to things like collapses, ice damage and wear of shingles. Wind can also be a problem during a winter storm that causes damage to your roof. Here are some of the winter weather problems that affect the roofs of homes:

1. Ice That Damages Roofs of Homes by Forming Dams

Ice is one of the biggest problems with winter storms. Even though you may not see the ice at first, it forms as snow melts and refreezes. This causes what are called ice dams, which destroy the eaves and wear shingles do to the ice slowly sliding down the slope of the roof. If you notice excessive wear on your roof, then this is a sign that ice has caused damage. The areas where ice dams have formed will need to be repaired to prevent leaks. You will also want to consider having improvements like attic insulation or gutter guards installed, that protect your home from ice dams.

2. Wind That Blows Shingles Off and Damages Them

Before the snow arrives, often high winds start to pick up. When the winds reach high speeds, shingles are sometimes damaged. When the snow melts, you will want to inspect your roof for damage due to high winds. The wind damage is easily seen when shingles are blown off your roof, but wind will also tear shingles. The wind damage on your home will need to be repaired by replacing the damaged shingles.

3. Weight of Snow and Ice That Causes Collapses and Structural Failure

Snow loads are another problem that homeowners have with the roofs of their homes. The first problem is when high amounts of snowfall buildup on the roof. This causes excessive loads, which damage the structure of homes. As the snow melts and ice forms, the weight is even more. Therefore, it is important to remove snow during the winter months. If your roof has signs of structural failure, you will want to have repairs done before it begins to collapse.

These are some of the winter weather problems that affect the roofs of homes. If you think your roof has been damage, contact a roofing contractor like DiRoma Roofing to get help with the repairs before leaks start and you have another problem on your hands.