3 Reasons To Remove Snow From Your Roof

Winter can be damaging to your roof even if you have had it recently repaired or replaced. Snow can have a heavy impact, literally, and can cause all kinds of rooftop damage if you ignore the amount that is piling up on top of your home. As the winter season progresses, you want to make sure to keep your roof as clear of the moisture as possible. Here are 3 reasons to hire a roofer to remove snow from your roof.

Snow is heavy

Snowfall on your roof is heavy and can cause weakened areas, such as patio roofing or areas around your chimney, to collapse under its weight. Rather than attempt to shovel snow off your roof on your own, hire a roofer to safely remove the snowfall from its surface and inspect the shingles or other roofing material for signs of sinking or other rooftop damage.

Snow turns to ice

As the weather warms and snow turns into ice during the night, your gutters can get clogged with thick amounts of ice. This causes the melting snow to pour off your rooftop into your home's foundation. This can lead to a flooded basement or cause the ground to freeze with the excess water, both of which you can avoid simply by having a roofer clear your gutters and roof of the snow before it begins to melt. Your roofer can also clear out other debris from your gutters to allow them to properly flow melting snow away from your home as the weather warms.

The cold can warp roofing materials

While the rooftop materials used to make your home comfortable and appealing are able to withstand the cold, being trapped under snow and ice for several days can cause cement or asphalt shingles to warp or crack. Ice can form under the snow as it melts and then snows again after a freeze, which can make the snow even more difficult to remove and cause its impact to be even worse. To preserve the life of your roof, have your roofer shovel the snow off before it has a chance to settle and cause damage that you may not notice until spring.

Protecting your roof in the winter is the best way to keep snow damage from impacting your home. Have your roofer inspect your roof for any signs of moisture destruction even if you have little to no snow currently on your roof.