Make Home Life More Convenient While Having Your New Roof Installed

Having a new roof installed? Here are a few things you can do to make your home life more convenient and less stressful while your contractor is at work:

Set up an Outdoor Family Room

Chances are that the interior of your home will be noisy and uncomfortable while people are on the roof ripping old materials out and installing new stuff. So, consider setting up an outdoor family room that is protected from the elements where everyone in your household can hang out if they're at home while roofing work is being done. Start by erecting a 10x10 foot canopy and then stapling screen to the edges of the roof to create screened walls that will cut down on wind gusts and keep rain out of the interior.

Then, put a few lawn chairs, a table, a tub of games, a cooler full of snacks inside the space so it's comfortable to spend time in.

Schedule Plenty of Adventures

You can avoid at least some of the inconvenience of having a new roof installed by scheduling lots of outings and adventures for your family during the days that your contractor is scheduled to work. Consider packing a picnic and visiting a new park each day everyone is together during the roof installation, or loading up the car with a few movies and a portable DVD player to create your own drive-in experience near a lake or other nature attraction. The more time you spend outside of the home while your roof is being installed, the less stress and irritation the process will bring into your family's life overall.

Require Specific Downtime Hours

It's also important to require specific downtime hours during the day for your contractor to follow. This will ensure that your family is able to follow through on their home commitments and get some peace and quiet regularly throughout the roof installation process. Choose a time when your contractor and their team need to be cleared out by the end of any working day, preferably mid-afternoon so you still have time to do things around the house when it's light outside yet your contractor has plenty of time to get a large chunk of work done. Make sure you're clear about when the team will show up to work on your roof in the morning, and that they take at least an hour break for lunch away from the home so family members can enjoy a bit of lunch time privacy if they're home.  

Use these tips and tricks to ensure that you and your family don't feel put out or inconvenienced while your new roof is being installed. Your contractor is sure to appreciate your preparations and plans too. For more information, contact companies like JSI Roofing.