The Maintenance Needs of Shingle Roofs and Safety Tips for Roof Care

Most homes have asphalt shingles for roofing, which is a durable and affordable choice. Shingles need maintenance to ensure your roof does not leak. It is also important that you follow a few safety precautions while doing maintenance to your asphalt shingle roofing. Here are some of the care needs of shingles and tips to help you stay safe while doing maintenance and repairs on your roof:

1. Storm Damage That Requires Repairs to Prevent Roof Leaks

Storm damage is a common problem with asphalt roofing. While most storms will not damage your roof, those that bring high winds and other severe weather can cause damage to shingles. When a storm passes through, you will want to inspect your roof for signs of damage. Some of the repairs may only require replacing a shingle or patching a small hole. In some cases, problems like wind damage may require replacement of some sections of roofing.

2. Cleaning Your Roof to Prevent Wear and Fungus Problems

Keeping your roof clean is one of the most important maintenance chores that you will need to do. Debris from trees and other causes quickly wears shingles and can cause fungus to grow. Make sure that your roof is clean and free of any debris that may damage it. If you have a lot of shade around your home, you may want to occasional clean the roof with an anti-fungal cleaning product to prevent moss and lichen from growing.

3. Inspecting and Climbing on Your Roof Safely to Prevent Accidents

Inspecting the roof is a chore that you should do regularly. Catching problems before they get to big, will ensure that repairs do not break your bank account. When climbing on your roof, make sure that you use an extension ladder that is long enough. Lean the ladder against the roof at an angle, and extend the top two rungs of the ladder above the edge of the roof.

4. Fall Protection and Using Caution While Walking on Your Roof

When you do any work on your roof, you will want to use fall protection. Harnesses for roofing are available from many home improvement stores, as well as the anchors for cordage. Make sure you use gear meant for roofing, and not conventional climbing equipment. When walking on the roof, watch wear you step and wear soft tennis shoes to get a good grip while walking across the roof.

With regular maintenance, your shingles will last for many years. Safety is also important when doing the maintenance. Contact a roofing contractor like Vertex Roofing to help with the repairs and other tasks that you cannot do on your own.