Conservatory Attached To Your Home And Too Hot Or Cold? Types Of Roofs You Can Use

Conservatories can be used for many things, such as a sun room, recreational room, guest bedroom, and a dining area. It is a great way to add onto your home without having to move to a larger house. If the conservatory is constructed and maintained correctly, it can add value to your property. If your conservatory is too hot and/or too cold , you can take care of this problem by choosing a new roof. Below is some more information about this so you can determine if this would be right for you.

Install a Glass Roof

If your conservatory is too hot during the summer months, the roof may be the culprit. Conservatories generally have plastic polycarbonate roofs, and these roofs absorb heat, which can cause the temperature to rise inside the conservatory. To take care of this problem, you can replace the polycarbonate roof with a glass conservatory roof. This not only allows you to have great views, it lets more light into the conservatory. Specialty glass can be used to provide the conservatory with more insulation.

Double-glazed glass roofs have special coatings that is applied to both the exterior and interior. This coating reflects heat from the sun which helps keep the conservatory cooler when it is hot outside. This can also save you money on your monthly electric bills.

install a Tile Roof

If your conservatory is too hot and too cold, you should consider installing a tile roof. This will allow you to stay warm in the winter, as well as to stay cool in the summer. You do need to consider that a tile roof is a complete cover so you cannot see out of the roof while in your conservatory.

The tiles are installed much like they would be on the roof of your home. The inside ceiling is plastered first and then the base is installed. You can choose from tiles in a wide variety of colors and styles. Additional structural work will be needed so the conservatory can support the weight of the tiled roof, however.

If you still want to see outside even a little, you can install a skylight on the roof to give you a small view. The roof should go well with your current roofing system on your home, such as in color and style of tiles.

Contact a roofing contractor to go over these roofing systems with you. They can help you make the right choice of what would work well for your conservatory. For more information, contact a business such as Rainy Day Exteriors.