Supplies You Need For DIY Metal Roof Repair

There are a few issues that can happen with metal roofing that you can handle as a DIY repair project. Most of these deal with small pinhole leaks or with leaks in the seams of the metal roofing. If this sounds like an issue you are having, and you want to handle it on a DIY repair basis, you will need the right supplies and tools. Here are three of the main supplies you will need and what you need to know about each one.

Metal Roofing Cement

If you have a leak at the seam of your metal roof, then you will need a metal roofing cement. This cement is used like a putty and is spread over the seam area to reseal it and prevent future leaks. This is an ideal option if you have a leak that was traced back to a seam and could affect the entire seam between two pieces of metal on the roofing area. It is also ideal to use if the leak has not caused major water damage and can be easily sealed. You can find it in several options, including cement that dries clear and blends in with the metal easily. This avoids the look of a patch job to anyone who can see the roofline.

Roofing Fasteners

You may find that the leak you are experiencing is coming from loose roofing fasteners. You may have experienced high winds or damaging winds and rain that caused the fasteners to come loose. You may have also experienced an event that caused the fasteners to rust and allow leaks to occur. You can buy roofing fasteners in various packages that contain multiple fastener types. This makes it easier to replace the pieces that may be missing or damaged.


Having a tarp may seem like a simple option, but it can be a vital need when it comes to metal roofing repairs. You will need a tarp that is heat resistant and made for all weather conditions. This tarp will need to be placed over the area that you have completed the repair on in order to allow the cement to dry or other repairs to take hold. Keep in mind, you may need to have the tarp over the area for several hours to several days depending on the intensity of the repair and the manufacturer recommendations for the repair products you use.

These are just the three basic supplies you will need for DIY metal roofing repair. If you find that the water damage from the leak is severe, there are more than just a few fasteners missing, or that the metal is severely rusted you will need to contact your local roofer such as Acoma Roofing, Inc. in order to receive the professional repair job necessary to maintain your roof integrity.