What To Expect When Replacing Your Home's Roof

Most roofs last a few decades before they need to be replaced, so most homeowners are not familiar with the process of getting a new roof. Replacing your roof may seem very intimidating, but while it can be a big project, the actual process is pretty simple and straightforward. Understanding the steps that are taken during a roof replacement can help make the project much less stressful. If you know that you will need to replace your home's roof in the near future, continue reading to learn more about what to expect:

Hiring the Right Contractor

The first step in replacing your home's roof is to hire the right roofing contractor for the job. For a roof replacement, it is essential to hire a licensed contractor who is bonded and fully insured. Before you sign a contract with a specific roofing contractor, it is in your best interest to get quotes from several roofers in your area, so you can compare prices.

Obtain a Permit

Like any other major home renovation project, replacing the roof on your home requires a permit. Prior to the start date of the project, it is extremely important for you or your roofing contractor to obtain the proper permits from your city's authorities. Don't try to have your roof replaced without getting a permit first, as doing so can just cause a lot of problems down the road. After the project is completed, you will also need to make arrangements to have your roof inspected by a city official to ensure that it meets all required building codes.

Replacing the Roof

Some people choose to have a new layer of shingles over the old ones to save money, but this is not recommended. If you're having your roof replaced, it is best to have all of the old roofing materials removed so you can start fresh with brand-new materials. In most cases, a roof replacement can be completed in a few days, but the project can take longer if roof damage is discovered and needs to be repaired or if you have a very large roof.

Clean Up after the Project

Removing all of the old roofing materials results in a large pile of debris that can be quite unsightly. A reputable roofing contractor should include clean up and removal of all debris in his or her contract. Do not feel like you need to finish paying for your roof replacement until your yard is completely free of old flashing, shingles, and nails. 

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