Things To Know About A Damaged Flat Roof

Did you buy a house that has a flat roof and discovered that it has a few problems that need attention? You might be able to get the problems repaired if they are not severe to the extent that a new roof is needed. A flat roof actually requires more maintenance than the other types, as it makes it easier for rainwater to accumulate and create ponding problems. You can actually climb to the top of your flat roof using a ladder, and perform occasional inspections without a big fear of sliding off ass with  the sloped types. Below, you will discover common flat roof problems and the type of maintenance that it needs to remain in a good condition.

Dirty Drain Outlets

An important aspect of a flat roof is the ability for rainwater to travel down via drain outlets. The outlets are strategically located on the roof to make it easier for the water to flow towards them when it rains. For example, although your roof is considered to be flat, there is actually a very slight slope that you might not even notice. The slope is necessary because it is what is used to send rainwater towards the drain outlets. Dirty outlets is a common problem that should be prevented at all costs, as rainwater might not be able to flow through them when too much debris accumulates.

Large Dents in Metal

If your flat roof is constructed of metal materials, dents can be a major problem. Dents do not only make the roof look unappealing, but it makes it easier for ponding to occur. Ponding water is what happens when rainwater sits on the roof due to it being unable to flow off. Large dents should be removed as soon as possible, and might require new metal being installed on the deck. If you leave water sitting in the large dented areas for a long time, the metal will eventually deteriorate and affect the deck.

A Deteriorated Deck

In the worst case scenario as with roofs of all types, the deck can deteriorate. A damaged deck is a major problem because it usually means that the roof must be reconstructed. If you have any problems inside your house that are the result of the roof leaking, get the deck inspected in a prompt manner. A professional can reconstruct your flat roof in no time, and can also install materials that are of a higher quality to give your house more value. Click here for more help.