Don't Fall For The Myths About Foam Roofs

If you are thinking about going with a foam roof for your home, then you'll want to make sure you aren't listening to the myths about foam roofs, and there are quite a few of them floating around. This article will educate you on some of the more common myths, so you know you aren't making your decision on things that simply aren't true. Here are some of those more common myths regarding foam roofs.

A foam roof will be destroyed by birds

For some reason, a myth was started that birds will pick a foam roof until there is nothing left of it. This is absolutely not true. The only way a foam roof will be at risk from bird damage would be if you have allowed it to deteriorate so badly that the foam was exposed with nothing over it and the birds then pecked at it for nesting material.

You can't walk on a foam roof

Another common myth about foam roofs is that you can't walk on them. Now, this would pose a huge problem if it were true. It would mean a person couldn't access the roof for things like installing a satellite, retrieving a frisbee, or the most important reason, to tend to roofing issues, such as leaks and other problems. Luckily, there is no truth to this myth. One thing that should be kept in mind when walking on a foam roof is to use common sense with shoe selection and wear rubber soled shoes.

A foam roof is extremely expensive to have installed and have repaired

Many people have heard that foam roofs are extremely expensive, and some of them may have been swayed in another direction due to these rumors. However, the truth is that a foam roof costs roughly the same amount as a single-ply roof would cost to be installed. In fact, with oil prices rising, the cost of other roofs can increase while the cost of a foam roof will remain relatively the same due to the fact that it doesn't make use of those same oil-based roofing supplies.

Foam roofs will soak in water

Now, it would be a major problem to have a foam roof if they soaked up water, such as rain water. Imagine how heavy that roof could become and how dangerous it could be once the roof finally gave way under all that weight. Luckily, there is no truth to this myth.

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