A Commercial Metal Roof Coating Extends The Life Of Your Metal Roof And Protects It From Leaks

If the metal roof on your building is getting near the end of its life, is leaking, or turning ugly due to surface rust, you'll need to take action soon before your building has water damage. You may dread the thought of the expense and disruption of replacing the roof, especially if you have a large building. One alternative you might consider is a metal roof coating. As long as your roof hasn't rusted through or developed other serious problems, you can restore its appearance and protect it from further damage by having a coating applied. Here's a look at the process.

Determine If A Metal Roofing Coating Is Appropriate

The first step is to have a commercial roofer examine your roof to determine how much damage it has. A few loose seams, surface rust, and other typical problems associated with aging may not matter, but the roofer wants to make sure your roof is structurally sound. If your roof is a good candidate for a coating, then you'll need to decide if a coating is right for you or if you'll replace the roof.

Understand The Benefits Of Metal Roof Coatings

The reason a roof coating is often the best choice is because it will extend the life of your roof several years and then when the coating wears down, it can be reapplied to make your roof last even longer. If you want to avoid the expense of installing a new roof, and prevent the disruption associated with tearing off your old roof and putting on a new one, then a coating is a good choice. Tearing off an old roof can cause noise, dust, and activity that might interfere with your usual operations and add to the cost of a roof replacement.

Applying a coating won't bother the people or equipment under the roof, yet the results are as good as getting a new roof. When finished, your roof looks new, and you can even change the color if you want to give your building a new look.

Prepare For The Process

Applying a commercial metal roof coating isn't a difficult process but it can be labor intensive. First, the old roof has to be cleaned so the coating adheres well. Then, damaged areas must be repaired, and this includes sealing the old seams so the roof is watertight. When the roof is ready, the coating is either sprayed on or applied with a roller depending on the type of coating that's used. A crew can make this part of the job go fast. When the coating is applied, it forms a continuous layer over the surface of the roof so the metal is completely covered and there are no seams for leaks to occur.

Commercial metal roof coatings last several years, but they are sacrificial in nature. They take damage from UV rays, rain, and ice so the metal doesn't have to suffer more damage. Instead, the coating gradually wears down and when that happens, then it's time to have it reapplied. By doing this, your metal roof will have a much longer life than it would without coatings and you'll reduce the risk of leaks in your building too.