When Cool Roofs Begin To Age: 4 Tips To Inspect Commercial Roofing Membranes

If you have a commercial roof that was installed in the past decade, it may be a cool roofing system. This is no more than a lighter-colored commercial roofing membrane, which is a thinner, rubber-like material that is vulnerable to punctures, wear, and other problems like leaks at drains and seams. The following tips will help you locate the damage to your commercial cool roof design to stop leaks and damage to your business:

1. Storm Damage to Commercial Roofing Membranes That Make Your Roof Vulnerable to Leaks

Just like shingles on a home, severe weather can also cause damage to commercial roofing materials. First, you will want to look for signs of wind damage, such as membranes lifting at the seams or sections of the roof with the membrane blown off. In addition, look for other signs of damage, such as pitting from hail and wear on the surface of your roofing membrane.

2. Wear and Punctures Caused by Foot Traffic and Routine Rooftop Mechanical Maintenance Tasks

With regular foot traffic on commercial roofs due to rooftop mechanical systems, the membrane materials are vulnerable to wear and punctures. Look for damage where there is foot traffic to mechanical systems and around mechanical systems like commercial air conditioning and refrigeration units. When you have the leaks repaired around these areas, you may want to talk to the commercial roof repair service about options to upgrade your roof with mechanical paths for foot traffic to prevent damage to membrane materials.

3. Drainage Grates and The Problems They Cause With Commercial Flat Roof Membranes and Leaks

Another problem that you may have with commercial roofs is the drain grates. These are areas where all the rain runoff and debris drain off your roof. It is important to keep your roof clean and free of debris, but this is not always possible. If the debris and sediments build up around the drainage system, this can lead to wear and potential roof leaks in these areas. Therefore, you will want to check to make sure that there are no problems or signs of wear around the drainage grates on your roof.

4. Seams in Flat Roof Membranes That Can Fail and Lead to Leaks and Damage to Your Business

The seams of membrane roofing materials are some of the most vulnerable areas of a commercial cool roof system. Therefore, you want to use the largest membrane available to have as few seams as possible on your roof. If there is a problem with the seams failing and leaking, have a commercial roof repair service repair the leaks and reinforce the areas with seams where your business is more vulnerable to roof damage.

These are some tips that will help you locate the leaks of commercial roofing membranes that are causing damage to your business. Once you have found and marked the leaks on your roof, contact a company like Ultimate Choice Roofing to have the damaged repaired and stop the problems with water in your business.