Solar Panel Installation: Do-It-Yourself Or Hire Professionals?

If you are thinking of installing solar panels on the roof of a property you own, you may wonder what the installation process is like. With the cost of installation over $10,000, depending on the size of your home and the number of solar panels you want to be installed, it might be worth it for you to install your own solar panels. However, many people get overwhelmed with what is required for installation. In an effort to help you know whether you can handle installation on your own, here is some information about installation. 

The Tools

There are many different types of tools you need to install your own solar panels. These tools include but are not limited to a drill for drilling holes in the roof and screwing in the railing system, a saw for cutting holes in the roof for the wiring, a chalk line reel for mapping out your measurements, wire cutters, and a measuring tape. If you do not have any of these tools or you are not confident using them, you may want to hire someone to do the installation. 


The measurements for your solar panels are extremely important. If you do not accurately measure out each panel, you will run into big problems. You should measure out your roof from different angles to see if you could fit more panels with a different orientation. 


The hardware of your solar panels includes the actual panels, the rails that they are connected to, the inverters that collect electricity which you will wire into your home, batteries to keep the panels functioning, and a back-up generator in case those batteries fail. Installation of this hardware can be challenging to install, but it will probably come with a list of detailed instructions. The rails and panels include many different types of bolts and screws that will need to be installed tightly to ensure that everything fits snuggly and no water gets into your attic space. 


The wiring for solar panels is a little intense. You really need to know what you are doing in order to make it work correctly. There will be wiring coming from the panels, going into the inverters, and then from the inverters and into your home. If you do not have all of the wiring figured out, you should hire someone. 

In conclusion, if you are not confident in any part of the installation, it will be worth it to hire a professional. Solar panels will not be worth anything if they do not function properly. Reach out to a professional who provides solar power installation services to get started.