3 Ways You Can Protect Your Roof In A Wind Storm

A wind storm can take over your home in a few moments' time, and leave you with a lot of repairs as a result. Learn 3 ways you can protect your home, so the next time a nasty storm comes your way, you can worry less. Invest in securing your shingles or metal roofing panels The best way to help protect your home against a wind storm is to make sure your roof is secure. [Read More]

How To Makeover The Exterior Of Your Home

If you are planning on selling your home, or if you just want to update your home to make it look better, giving the exterior of your home a makeover is a good idea. There are several things that you can do, both big and small, that will help to give the exterior of your home a more updated look. Taking the time to simply update the exterior of your home will not only give you the potential to increase the value of your home but will also give it more of a curbside appeal for both you and your visitors. [Read More]

Choosing A Commercial Roofing Material That Can Stand Up To The Test Of Time

Replacing or repairing your commercial roof on a frequent basis can be an expensive venture, as well as proving quite inconvenient for both you and those who frequent your commercial property. This can be especially problematic for retail businesses, since their success relies on their customers being able to visit their shop as often as possible. This is why it is so important for business owners, such as yourself, to choose a commercial roofing material that will be able to stand up to the test of time. [Read More]

About Ponding Water On A Flat Roof & Keeping Drain Outlets Clean

If you have a flat roof on your home that is surrounded by trees, you may want to think about getting them pruned or cut down. When tree leaves fall onto the roof, ponding can occur and cause damage after water sits for a long time. In this article you will learn what ponding on a flat roof is and how to keep drain outlets clean enough for water to flow off of the roof. [Read More]